Warren Lewis Redd
Baby Warren was born Tuesday March 6th 2007 at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio. He came into this world at 8 pounds, 7 ounces 4 days before his due date. Warren was named after Julie's grandfather (J Warren Walton) and Joe's grandfather (Lewis Franklin Redd). He came home on Thursday March 8th weighing 7 pounds 12 ounces. He came out completely healthy and very well tempered.
It all started when we found out we were pregnant, and we had an ultrasound done to confirm he was in there.
Here Julie holds Warren in the delivery room. Labor lasted 17 hours, but Warren made it all worthwhile.
Right after we got into the room, Warren was busy napping, and I was able to take this cute picture. FYI, this picture is now my computer's desktop background.
Baby Warren has a daddy who loves him very, very much.
Warren is taking a nap the morning when he goes home from the hospital. He was born on a Tuesday, and went home on Thursday.
He makes it home safe and sound. He slept the whole way too. Apparently we purchased a comfortable car seat.
As it turns out, the Pack n Play was the best purchase we made for the baby. He was most comfortable sleeping in the changing table tray.
Warren had a bit of jaundice when he was born, but that went away pretty quick.
Deep in thought... he is thinking about how good it felt to poo just now.
Warren posing in one of the few new outfits we bought for him. He is in his bathrobe, ready to take his first bath.
Warren takes a nap with his momma in the recliner.
Warren's first visitors, his grandma and grandpa Redd came down to see him.
The boys get comfortable in the recliner, and catch some shut eye together.
Warren is enjoying the fact that he lives in a happy home with parents who love him.