Pictures of Joe through the years.
Awww, wasn't I just so cute. I don't know what happened to me. This pic was taken outside my grandparents trailer at Grand Lake St. Marys. Dat is my momma holding me.
Another fine example of how I used to be cute. This was a picture taken in some studio like, when I was about 6 months or maybe a little older. I honestly don't remember it.
Once again, was just too cute back then. This picture was somewhere around my first birthday. Another professionally photographed picture as far as I know. Still don't remember this one.
Like all little boys, I loved trains. This picture was taken in November of 1982. I was 2 and a half, still cute. Still don't remember this picture being taken.
Here I am on my third birthday, with my older brother John. John would have been like 12 when this picture was taken. I shoulda been a cowboy... oh that is just a toby keith song, I wouldn't have made a good cowboy anyway.
This picture was taken in December of 1984, at my dad's work christmas party. Here I am with my sister Jean and brother John.
December 1984 again, this one is at christmas time or close to it. I loved the t-shirt someone game me, boy, this is back when MJ stood for Micheal Jackson.
Not exactly sure of when this picture was taken, but I think it was the winter of 1985. The picture was taken here with my sister Jean after she had been playing with my hair. SHe tried a couple weird hairdo's on me, I remember one time, she did the stair step haircut on me. You know, back in the 80's when they made like 3 lines on your side burns that looked like stair steps. Well, my mom soon put a stop to that, my hair was real short after that haircut, but it got rid of the stair steps.
My class picture in kindergarten in the fall of 1985.
We jump ahead a little bit here. I don't have any pictures from 1985-1995 right off hand. but this one was taken in July of 1995, in front of the Denver mint. Some say I looked like a complete dork, but I was proud of my boy scout accomplishments. I was Senior Patrol Leader, and in this pic, we were on our way to Philmont, a backpacking ranch in New Mexico. It was so much fun.
This picture was taken not long after I returned from Philmont. I spent most if not all that summer fishing at the campgrounds. Here I show off a couple of the fish I caught that day.
I won some tickets to go to Sea World of Ohio, and so My dad and Karon and I went. At the baywatch attraction, after the show, I managed to get my picture taken with these two lovely ladies. It was definately awesome.
This was the photo from my student ID from the fall of 1997. I was roughly at my heaviest when this picture was taken.
My senior pictures were nothing special. First, they were taken as sears, cause I had to pay for them all myself. Second, I looked like a complete dork.
here be a pic of me right before i headed out to my senior prom. I went solo that year, which was probably cause I was just such a dork that nobody wanted to be seen with me. Oh well, I almost had fun.
Another picture of yours truly right before my senior prom. I went alone, but i went in style. Least I like to think so... :o)
The summer after I graduated, I went back to Ohio Business Week as an alumni volunteer. Here is a picture of all of the volunteers for my week. You have me in the back making the silly face, Tim, Steve, Lindsay, Holly, and Laura standing or leaning over, Rob and Brian are squating.
This was a newer School ID photo, taken in 1999, 2 years after the other one.
Here is a picture of the meanist, cruelest outlaws that ever lived. Ok, not really, but it could pass. My dad and I had this picture taken at the Piqua Heritage Festival in the Fall of 1999. They told me not to smile, cause they never smiled in those days, so in order to keep from smiling, I tried to scowl, and I think I did a good job of that... :o)
I know this picture shows up alot on my website, but I like it. It is of a drawing I did, the only good drawing I ever did in my entire life. You can see a better description of it on my main page.