Joe and Julie's Wedding
Our wedding was held in St. Mary's Ohio on June 28th, 2003 on the east bank of the lake.  It was a beautiful day for a beautiful wedding.
We went for a laid back wedding, where the guests could come dressed comfortable and enjoy themselves.
I did most of the wedding planning. Here I am rushing to finish putting up the decorations just hours before the wedding.
The day of the wedding, we rehearsed for the first and only time. From left to right, Maid of Honor Jen Holsey, Bride Julie, Groom Joe, and Best Man Brandon Haughn.
Our Wedding cake was made by our friend Trish's mom. It tasted great, but unfortunately Julie only got 1 bite of cake before all of the chocolate disappeared.
At this moment, we were speaking our vows. It was a beautiful moment, until the preacher forgot our last name when announcing us man and wife.
Now married, it was time to start unwinding. Here, we talk with my step-mom Karon, who was a big help in decorating for the wedding.
My best friend and best man Brandon, with his fiancÚ Trish. They were married in May 2004.
A beautiful day on Grand Lake St. Marys, here the wedding party poses. Jen Holsey was the Maid of Honor, and Brandon Haughn was the Best Man.
Gary and Beth Walton pose with their daughter Julie and their new son-in-law Joe.
Joe's mom Sandy Williams poses with her son and her new daughter-in-law Julie.
Joe's dad Byron and step-mom Karon pose with their son and new daughter-in-law Julie.
A little kissie kissie by the lake. It's okay... we're married!!!
Joe's Grandma Redd poses with the Bride and Groom.
Joe's Grandpa Fischbach poses with the Bride and Groom
Joe's sister Jean poses with the Bride and Groom.
We start our new life together by having fun playing on the swings at the park.
Julie really loved the weeping willow tree, and Joe and Julie really love each other.
Here are the wedding rings. While they don't match, they are both special to us.